Bergman Auto Craft


1971 Challenger Engine
  • Installation Of Modern Equipment to Vintage Cars Of All Types
  • Design and Production Of Custom Parts
  • Engine Rebuilding, Installation and Tuning
  • Transmission Rebuilds and Installations, Tunnel And Crossmember Modifications
  • Vibration Analysis and Driveline Replacements
  • Complete Rear Axle Service, Ring And Pinion Installations
  • Air Conditioning Service and Repairs
  • Electrical Work, Custom Harnesses
  • Measuring for Custom Wheels, Tire Services
  • Dashboard Restoration and Gauge Installations
  • Interior Work, Measuring for Custom Seats, Steering Columns
  • Assistance Through the Buying and Selling Processes
  • Vehicle Transportation
  • Maintenance of Collections
  • Custom Decals and Vehicle Packages
  • Exceptional Range of Experience and Knowledge in Specialty Car Builds and Repairs