About Bergman Auto Craft


Mission Statement

Bergman Auto Craft is dedicated to the the design and manufacture of quality, modern components for classic, muscle-era vehicles. We restore driveability and confidence in your specialty vehicle.


About Us

Peter Bergman has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Peter co-founded his first company, Exotic Speed, during his college years. This provided him with a strong foundation in the world of muscle cars. As a result, he quickly became an accomplished technician, possessing unique skills, automotive knowledge and integrity. Because of all these qualities, Peter has earned a solid reputation as someone who can be trusted with ones vehicle. Exotic Speed focused on specialty and pro touring style vehicles. Peter is known for exemplary work and attention to detail.

Peter dissolved his partnership in Exotic Speed, in 2000, and progressed to the corporate world through 2012. During this time, he gained more knowledge and experience in global manufacturing at Pilkington North America, and marketing with Advantage Data Systems. Peter developed and introduced pro touring style parts and suspension systems to the Mopar branded marketplace during these years.

Bergman Auto Craft was founded in 2012. Peter is able to focus on high quality workmanship and parts for the muscle car market because of his varied background. Bergman Auto Craft is now dedicated to providing high quality innovative parts to the Mopar Pro Touring marketplace.

Peter’s education includes a Bachelor’s in Economics from Adelphi University. Peter has also been trained in programming EFI systems from Accel, FAST, AEM, Fitech and Holley Terminator. Peter and his family reside in Coastal North Carolina, where he can be found prowling the streets and road courses in his Plum Crazy Purple Dart GT.

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