BAC Front Suspension Kit

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Bergman Auto Craft now has a complete front suspension kit. The modern world of hot rodding has brought us many excellent parts to upgrade our Mopars. People seem to make blind purchases without really knowing why they’ve chosen what they’ve purchased.
At BAC, we use our experience, knowledge and testing of suspension parts to assemble a kit of parts that we feel are the best available in today’s market. Bergman Auto Craft offers personalized service the big guys simply cannot. I’ve owned my Dart for 36 years and, through 200k+ street and track miles, I’ve put a lot of parts to the test. Because of our unique approach to product development, our customers have the most thoroughly tested products on the market.
This kit features double adjustable upper control arms with taller ball joints. This means less body roll by shortening the moment arm as well as greatly simplified wheel alignments. A wide range of adjustment suites a wide variety of conditions.
Our torsion bar rate is carefully chosen for modern handling and a good match to the shock absorbers provided in the kit. Boots and clips are provided as well.
Our lower control arm pivots are hand-fitted to our Delrin bushings. As a result, the need for inner or outer shells is eliminated. Delrin affords quiet operation, long life and precise movement of the lower control arm.
Adjustable strut rods offer precise length adjustment for bind free operation of the lower control arm.
Included in the steering linkage kit is a new pitman arm, which is upgraded 11/16″ tie rod assemblies and containing solid steel sleeves, and an idler arm features a roller bearing retrofit to ensure there isn’t any unwanted movement in the steering system.
Our kit also features mono tube adjustable shocks. As a result, these shocks offer more consistent damping than twin tubes.
Completing the kit is a hollow sway bar that includes weld on tabs for your lower control arms. These tabs are very similar to the factory weldments, only thicker.
Available for popular A, B and E body Mopar cars.Contact us to customize a package for your specific application. Also keep in mind, certain items can be downgraded to meet tighter budgets. Call, text or email us!
All kits come with unmatched customer support and tech help from someone you can actually reach by phone, text, email, etc almost all the time.
We ship world wide.

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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 8 in