Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit 70-74 E-Body Mopar Dodge Challenger


Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit 70-74 E-Body Mopar Dodge Challenger, with Frame Connectors, Hot Rod Torque boxes, fender braces, support frame brace and more

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Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit

Max your chassis and max your tire combination. For straight line performance, autocross or canyon carving, the Level 3 kit goes to the Max! Get all the go and whoa to move your car, not twist it. When you want Max Power and Max Traction, get Max Stiff. Add Level 3 and go kick some Asphalt.

Level 3 Chassis Stiffening kit includes:

  • A Pair of CNC Frame Connectors (complete set of 2)
  • Front and rear torque boxes (complete set of 4)
  • A pair of front inner fender braces (complete set of 2)
  • A front lower core support stiffener
  • Rear spring relocation kit (complete kit for both sides)
  • Mini tub kit (complete kit to add up to 4″ per side tire clearance)

This kit Fits the Dodge Challenger only E Body from 1970* through 1974

* Please call if you have an Early built 1970, we have had reports of the early cars having fitment issues in the torque box area frame connectors

Save $$$ over individual component pricing by purchasing a level 3 kit.

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